“Entitled” Administrative Law Judge Elving L. Torres – St. Petersburg Office of Disability Adjudication and Review – illegally uses handicapped parking permit

Wow! ALJ Elving L. Torres, who is one of the bottom-ranked judges for approving Social Security disability claims, has no problem using the handicapped parking permits of the disabled for his convenience. Torres, in rank-order of disability claims approval is near the bottom at 27 percent—I wonder if he’s the judge that “dismissed” my “non-claim”?

Administrative Law Judge Elving L. Torres may feel that he’s entitled to abuse his position—Administrative Law Judge Elving L. Torres may feel that he is above the law—Administrative Law Judge Elving L. Torres may enjoy abusing people who are handicapped. Or, he may not—

Administrative Law Judge Elving L. Torres appears to use the law when it works to HIS advantage. For example, when asked to comment on his illegal use of a handicapped parking permit he stated,

I work for a federal agency…I can’t speak to you without approval…

Bill DeBardelaben, with the Region IV of the Social Security Administration “confirmed that Torres is not supposed to speak to the media…”

This is really interesting—Judge Torres violates the law, and then hides behind it when it’s convenient for HIM. Judge Torres you are not supposed to park illegally in a handicapped space. Judge Torres, you should not park in a handicapped space without approval. You can’t park in a handicapped space unless you are legally authorized by a physician.

That’s right! The ALJ who could be deciding your disability claim illegally used the handicapped permit of another person to park his car—here’s the Tampa Bay Times report, Handicapped parking space filled by judge The problem: The placard on the dashboard of his Mercedes was issued to an 86-year-old woman.

According to state law, anyone who “fraudulently obtains or unlawfully displays” a handicapped placard while parking in a handicapped space while not transporting its owner can be found guilty of a second-degree misdemeanor, punishable by up to a year in jail and up to a $1,000 fine.

And where is Michael W. Grochowski in all this? Well, this judge is STILL THERE—after abusing a handicapped parking permit and being at the bottom range of claim approvals at the St. Petersburg Office of Disability Adjudication and Review.

I’m not even going to go to the question of the use of a Virginia license plate on his personally owned vehicle. Amazing—


Judge roulette at the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review – ODAR – at St. Petersburg, Florida

Having your case heard at the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review located in Saint Petersburg, Florida? Its judge roulette!

Why does Michael W. Grochowski allow this to occur? Let me use some “phraseology” that the Social Security Administration loves to use in reports that they use to deny claims. The words tend to “plant” negative impressions in your mind, usually without any first-hand proven facts to support them. One of their favorite words is may—and it goes like this.

Why does Michael W. Grochowski allow this to occur?

Michael W. Grochowski may be incompetent.
Michael W. Grochowski may be inept.
Michael W. Grochowski may be an abuser.
Michael W. Grochowski may be a cold bureaucrat.
Michael W. Grochowski may be corrupt.

Then again, Michael W. Grochowski may be none of these things (the Social Security Administration omits the may not in their reports).

There appears to be 65 percent case approval difference between Judge Arline Colon and Judge Patrica Lobo, based on statistics I’ve received. If you were in criminal court, the nickname for Judge Arline Colon may be, “the hanging judge.”

A difference of an 83 percent claim approval rate and 18 percent claim approval rate is absolutely astounding, and no one needs to point out the statistical significance of the favorable decision range between ALJ Colon and Lobo.

There are a total of 12 disability administrative judges with an average claim approval rate of 49.66 percent.

Judge Arline Colon is running 31.66 percent below average, while Judge Patrica Lobo is running about 33.33 percent above average. Interesting to note, Lobo’s rate above average is almost twice Colon’s case approval rate.

I wonder who “heard” my non-claim at St. Petersburg ODAR? From day one, they were doing everything in their power to deny and obstruct the claim, and then when it’s withdrawn and all permissions granted to them are revoked, they press on and apparently have the hearing. Maybe they gave my “non-claim” to the hanging judge, Arline Colon to “dismiss”? It would go to the Social Security Administration’s handling of my case since day one.

Social Security Administration, you don’t have anything I want or need. You are abusers and I sensed that from day one of my interactions with you.

I still can’t believe those people. I received calls from St. Petersburg saying that they “hadn’t heard from me” and that they needed to know if I was going to attend the hearing. All of the records I have indicated they heard from me—continuing the claim was unauthorized and abusive of my individual rights as a person and a waste of government money.

That was another thing about the claims processors for the Clearwater office of the Social Security Administration—they loved to make “phone calls” to “talk,” then they distorted and omitted things that I told them to deny my claim. They don’t like it when I put things “in writing.” When I withdrew the claim they were miffed that I required them to stamp and initial ALL PAGES they were provided.

Here is the rank-order for Administrative Law Judges at the Saint Petersburg Office of Disability Adjudication and Review, based on data in my possession:

1. Judge Patricia Lobo Approved 83 percent
2. Judge F. T Eckert Jr. Approved 72 percent
3. Judge Steven D Slahta Approved 70 percent
4. Judge John D McNamee-Alemany Approved 65 percent
5. Judge Scott T Miller Approved 55 percent
6. Judge Donald G Smith Approved 53 percent
7. Judge Norman R Zamboni Approved 50 percent
8. Judge B. T Amos Approved 39 percent
9. Judge Frederick McGrath Approved 37 percent
10. Judge Phylis M Pierce Approved 27 percent
10. Judge Elving L Torres Approved 27 percent*
11. Judge Arline Colon Approved 18 percent

Range 83 percent to 18 percent

Wow! This is really interesting Mr. Michael W. Grochowski. How do you account for this?

*See the post on illegal parking in a handicapped spot—

Time for a class action against the Clearwater Office of the Social Security Administration DO and the of St. Petersburg Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR)?

For disclosure, this blog is not operated by an attorney. My civil rights attorney (she works in federal court on Civil Rights violations and abuses, not making Social Security Disability Claims), is looking at the treatment I received from both the Clearwater District Office (DO) and the Saint Petersburg Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR).

There appears to be numerous procedural errors and apparent outright efforts to obstruct my claim for Social Security Disability. To make matters worse, the Saint Petersburg Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) did the following:

1. Failed to investigate an attempt to obstruct due process by the Clearwater District Office of the Social Security Administration by manipulating dates to make it appear a filing was late, when in fact it was timely.

2. Failed to request request additional medical evaluation  reports related to my claim.

3. Failed to provide the claimant with evidence used in a determination.

And, since it was obvious they never had any intention of seriously considering my disability claim from day one,

4. Continued to process the claim, including taking the claim through a hearing and dismissal when, in fact, their authorization to process the claim was revoked and the claim itself was withdrawn weeks before; essentially, if you provide something to the Social Security Administration Saint Petersburg Office of Disability Adjudication and Review- ODAR it appears they don’t read anything. If they read the material, apparently they do what they want, even though the claim is withdrawn and they are no longer authorized to process the claim.

The final act, of course, is not only an abuse and violation of my personal rights since all their authorizations were revoked and the claim was withdrawn, but it is U.S. Government WASTE FRAUD AND ABUSE.